PVC-u is durable and reliable

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Key Features

Complete Windows and Doors Solutions For Your Home

Value-added safety features to deter intrusion


Nothing gets Through

The rising rate of crime, especially robberies and break-ins, is more than enough reason to ensure your home, and loved ones, are constantly protected. Forget metal grilles that make your home look like a prison; apart from being unsightly, they also offer little defence from today’s savvy criminals.

Fascina PVC-U window and door frames are a different story altogether. A perfect harmony of form and function, our stylish designs may embody exquisite beauty, but are packed with truly brawny security features.

Ensuring Optimum Security

Multi-chambered profile, coupled with high-quality galvanised steel reinforcement in a separate internal chamber, make it virtually impossible to break through the frames without heavy duty equipment and loud, attention-grabbing noise.

This is in addition to the top-of-the-range multi-locking points that leave little room for tampering, as well as lockable push-button security handles that lock your windows and doors in a single movement, ensuring optimum security.

So don’t think of our solutions as aesthetic luxuries, but as a hidden line of defence for your home.