About Us

“The World of Fascina”

Since the 1980s, Fascina has been the leading solutions provider & manufacturers for PVC-U window and door systems in Southeast Asia. Over the years we have built up an impressive track record for innovative, quality and service excellence, successfully expanding the application of PVC-U to create breakthrough products such as upvc doors, upvc window, soundproof windows, security door that are durable, reliable and relevant to the contemporary consumer.

Living by the adage “To get things done right, you have to do them yourself,” we use only in-house experts when it comes to customer service, installation, technical support and delivery of solutions, instilling our customers with a high level of trust.

From a detailed knowledge of our products and a thorough technical understanding of the systems, to maintaining high design standards and ensuring top-quality workmanship, our specially trained team of professionals strive to fulfill our mission statement; “A lifelong commitment towards bringing beauty, quality and excellence into your home.

Guaranteed Satisfaction for 10 YearS

Low Maintenance, High Value

Hassle-Free Installation

Attentive After Sales Service

Why Fascina

Fascina is a pioneer in the design, application and maintenance of PVC-U products, with remarkable experience in creating innovative window and door systems. Our products are as aesthetically appealing as they are supremely functional, providing comprehensive protection while fitting perfectly with any contemporary architectural concept.

Using the perfect PVC-U formulation, Fascina produces solutions that are water tight, heat insulating, impact and fade resistant, highly durable, resilient and strong, lightweight and environmentally conscious. With all the benefits mentioned, Fascina PVC-U window and doors systems are also low in maintenance.

So for multi-purpose, versatile and beautiful windows and doors that protect as well as enhance your home while reducing energy costs, improving comfort and bringing total peace of mind, open up to Fascina.