PVC-u is durable and reliable

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Key Features

Complete Windows and Doors Solutions For Your Home

A natural and effective insulator from the tropical heat

Heat insulation

Keep you cool

While it’s great that living in a tropical country allows us to enjoy sunshine all year round, global warming and other environmental phenomena mean that we also have to deal with the rising heat. Air conditioning has its merits, but also leads to high electricity bills with long-term use. So what can we do to keep cool without burning a hole in the wallet? Fascina PVC-U window and door systems are a refreshing way of looking at interior cooling, simply because they’re built using PVC-U that is a natural insulator from heat.

Our quality PVC-U products, combined with Low-E Glass, multi- chambered designs and welded joints work in tandem to eliminate the possibility of heat entering a room, and for cool air leaving it.

Therefore you can now keep your room temperatures comfortable without over- working your cooling unit, even on the hottest afternoons, consequently saving energy.

Getting Technical

Fascina products have been sent for comprehensive air infiltration tests to prove their level of airtightness, based on the following:

  • 3 Pre-Load of 500Pa (3 Seconds) was applied
  • Positive Pressure of 50, 100, 150, 200 and 240 Pa was applied
  • Readings were obtained for test specimens

SS212:2000 Requirements Openable Windows: <10m2 /hr/m